SARX 2018

CHEMFORS is a workshop that has been organized as a SARX-2018 satellite event with the purpose of continuing to strengthen the activity that takes place in our Latin American region in the field of characterization of Cultural Heritage and Forensic Science materials. Although the theme of the workshop has centered around the use of X-ray diffraction and fluorescence techniques, applications of other techniques will also be presented. This activity has the support of the Commission on Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr.)

Well-known international experts, especially invited, will speak on the application of various techniques in the solution of interesting problems associated with the conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage, in the proper identification of the materials present in historical and artistic objects, trying to understand the processes that they may have undergone. Among other aspects, these studies can lead to a better understanding of the technology and the great skills of the old masters. Studies of this type also reveal the authenticity of pieces of diverse nature (works of art, banknotes, etc.) and other relevant objects in the field of Forensic Sciences.

Maintaining a pedagogical orientation, for the benefit of students and young researchers, not only formal oral lecturers will be presented, practical sessions will also be held on the use of X-ray diffraction, in particular of the PDF-4+ database, and X-ray Fluorescence.


Both events will be held jointly at

Universidad de La Frontera, Campus Pucon, Chile

8 – 9 November, 2018



PhD. Thomas Blanton


PhD. Fabio Luiz Melquiades

Universidad de Londrina, Brazil

PhD. Cristina Vazquez

Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina

PhD. Maria Fernanda Espinoza

Restauración. Servicio Nacional del Patrimonio Cultural, Chile

PhD Cristian Perdona

Bruker, Brazil

PhD Francisco Castro

Soluciones Analiticas, Chile

PhD. Miguel Delgado

Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

PhD. Osvaldo Maldonado

SAX Soluciones Analíticas, Chile

PhD. Ignasi Queralt

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Barcelona, Spain

PhD. Sofia Pessanha

LIBPHYS, Univ. Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

PhD Marcia de Almeida Rizzutto