SARX 2018 | JFMF 2018

Dear Participants of the SARX / JFMF 2018

The Organizing and Scientists Committees of XVI SARX and VI JFMF are pleased to announce the instructions to send the manuscripts of the original contributions presented during the SARX-JFMF 2018 in the Special Edition of the internationally recognized and indexed magazine Applied Radiation and Isotopes (https: //

Timeline of submission and peer review:

Period of online reception of works: valid until January 11, 2019.

All documents must be sent before this date, without exception, as the online shipping option through the shipping system (EVISE®) will be closed.

Acceptance / rejection communication date: June 22, 2019.

Peer review and shipping system:

Elsevier has developed an electronic learning platform for EVISE®. The e-learning tool, accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, includes tutorials and exercises at your own pace that allow each user to learn how to use EVISE® for their function. Once you have logged in to EVISE®, you can access the e-learning platform by clicking on the “Help” link.

Type of article Name:

It is important that authors select the right type of article when they submit their articles in EVISE®. If the authors select the wrong item type, your article may end up being published in a regular number and not in a special number. When submitting their articles, the authors should select “VSI: SARX-JFMF2018” as the type of article.

Hoping to have informed you, you are greeted by atte.

Rodolfo Figueroa and Mauro Valente